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Naples, FL — Local residents looking for help with their whole body health and wellness needs are turning to the experts at the LIVINGOOD™ wellness center.  Many Naples locals know it can be hard to find someone working in or around the area that has the training and experience in either Corrective Body Massage, GYROTONIC® and/or Fascia Therapy and it is especially rare to find such a wide variety of treatments & therapeutic modalities all in one top of the line location.

The new  LIVINGOOD™ Wellness Center Naples location is located conveniently in the lovely, and health conscious, Marquesa Plaza.

Residents interested in the Corrective Body Massage, GYROTONIC® treatments and or Fascia Therapies are urged to contact  LIVINGOOD™ Wellness Center to schedule a consultation today by calling 239-596-7756.  Interested parties are also encouraged to visit LIVINGOOD™ online at to learn more about the  Corrective Body Massage, the GYROTONIC® Expansion System and or Fascia Therapy.

About the Business

The  LIVINGOOD™ wellness center delivers the highest standard of care in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities & services.   LIVINGOOD™ focuses on understanding the specific needs of their patients. Each client is carefully diagnosed by a team of highly trained therapists to develop a holistic plan to reduce or eliminate their complications.  Every LIVINGOOD™ therapist understands that when someone’s posture can be improved it can make their life significantly more enjoyable. This professional wellness center offers the best in care in a wide range of treatments for those looking to improve their posture.

LIVINGOOD™ services include treatments for Scoliosis, Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Lower & Upper Back Pain & Body Posture Damage.

From the Founders:

Meet Melody – “I saw a need in the market through my own personal experience, when I found out I had herniated discs and the only options presented were surgery or pain medication, and being I was under the age of 30 at that time, neither were an option for me. I became passionate about creating an alternative solution for chronic conditions”

Meet Paige – ”My scoliosis and nerve pain impacted me so negatively I had to switch career paths from cosmetology and hair, and I was constantly searching for any kind of relief and answers. I discovered the gyrotonic expansion system and in combination with CBT technique, and i was amazed at the results in decompressing my spine and relieving nerve pain giving me more movement and freedom. This inspired me to create  LIVINGOOD™ to help others who are suffering and who are also looking for answers.”

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This press release was originally distributed by AllHartMedia  3/1/2018