Having the right website, social-media, and advertising has been proven to generate business.  Understanding your audience is also a key factor to successful branding. Building a strong brand is vital to the success of any business big or small.  Brand awareness is based on your consumers’ recollection of your business’s name, logo, tagline, shapes, colors, graphics, and jingles.

Brand development is when you create a brand that tells a story consumers can relate to and trust when it comes to the time to make their purchasing decisions.  Brand development and storytelling can result in higher brand awareness and brand loyalty. Cohesive branding that maintains a consistency across all mediums customers see such as website pages, business cards, and social media channels is key. The proper use of web based media, photos, and videos is a very important part of your public image. 

Jenny G Consulting is honored to have designed websites and web-based solutions for international companies, cutting-edge innovation stores, small businesses as well as personal websites for local public figures.

Sunglass Hut

Public Figures

Shannon Martinez is a fitness enthuses, who was looking for a way to connect with her fans, and sponsors in the bodybuilding circuit. After learning about Shannon’s goals and desires, JGC created her branding in the colors she felt represented her image, setup her social-media including a Facebook fan page, and developed a website where her fans could find information and photos from her latest competition.


If you are a small business or just getting started on the web JGC is happy to help you reach your business goals. Atlanta Cake Studio is a small, local business in Georgia that specializes in making extraordinary cakes.

Websites for e-commerce

Looking to start selling online? Having the right branding is the first step to having an online store.

Atlanta Cake Studio