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Looking to elevate your business to the next level? Jenny G Consulting is a company focused on taking a scientific approach to finding innovative solutions founded by Jenny G in 2010.

Jenny G is a multifaceted individual, an American businesswoman,
speaker, producer, author,
actress and model.

Best known for her entrepreneurial endeavors and consulting various startups, Jenny G has a proven track record in business innovation. Often applying tested techniques she observes from one field to new areas of business. Her wide range of experiences have allowed her to grow and succeed as a businesswoman,
consulting businesses with a focus primarily in Marketing, Strategy & Monetization.

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A Note From Jenny

As a consultant, I feel it is vital to understand my clients goals and develop specific strategies for accomplishing those goals. Part of what I love about working with start-ups is continuing to learn about cutting edge concepts and applications of ideas in different ways to create new solutions. I believe each idea has intrinsic value, and it is my desire to work with interesting people to develop cool ideas to their full potential. 
If perception is reality, my goal is to help people realize the reality of their own potential and be their best.

As a Speaker, presenting the latest technology in Electric Vehicles for KIA.
Hosting events and activations for Brands such as YouTube, Audi & Longines watches and
commercials for major corporations such as Rich’s, Macy’s, Coca Cola & Coca-Cola recycling.

Introduction to
Jenny G

Speaker, Presenter, Model and More!

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia Jenny G is a true “southern belle”. Her training began at an early age while attending the Cotillion at the Country Club of the South, continuing an honored southern tradition. Jenny G practiced elegance & grace while dancing in the Atlanta Ballet.  During her career in fashion as a model, Jenny G has gained experience in runway, print, spokes-modeling. Presenting the latest technology in Electric Vehicles for KIA. Hosting events and activations for Brands such as Audi & Longines watches and commercials for major corporations such as Rich’s, Macy’s, Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola recycling.  Growing up as an Atlanta socialite, Jenny G was featured as one of “Atlanta’s 50 Most Beautiful People” in Jezebel magazine and a number of other publications.

After graduating with honors from Georgia State University, Jenny G set out west looking for new mountains to climb in quest of her own manifest destiny! In Denver, CO Jenny G started her first tech company, a mobile app company called TopFan.

TopFan is a mobile app factory that builds apps for athletes and celebrities. Connecting Brands with Fans via their mobile device. TopFan is a unique platform that also included a rewards program where Fans could earn points towards rewards from their favorite celebrity. Two years after starting TopFan, Jenny G successfully exited her first company.

After starting and selling her app factory, Jenny G expanded her connections in the venture capital world as a partner for Buckhead Ventures, and continued to grow her experience in taking startups to the next level as the CMO of the ReelLife app with activations in Atlanta, Las Vegas and in Hollywood California.

More About Jenny G 

Author, Director & Producer

Inspired by the world around her, Jenny G has written, directed, produced and stared in
a number of short films such as
“The Quest For World Peace”, “The Concert Of The Century”, and is an Executive Producer on the award winning film “Life Was Wonderful”.

The Concert of the Century - ZZYZX Road by Jenny G Jackson
The Quest for World Peace by Jenny G Jackson
Life Was Wonderful short film


For the last 5 years Jenny G has continued to jetset through the “clouds” in her work with one of Google’s “Top 5 Start-ups of the Year” to Google Summits and Google Cloud Platform Onboarding events across the country. While also filling her schedule, serving on the board of Directors of the 501(c)-3 called Solar My School and traveling as a speaker presenting the future of electric vehicles at events for KIA and other clients.

Jenny G Consulting

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