Looking to elevate your business to the next level?  Jenny G Consulting is a company focused on creating and implementing innovative solutions.

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Jenny G

As a consultant, I feel it is vital to understand my clients goals and develop specific strategies for accomplishing those goals. Part of what I love about working with start-ups is continuing to learn about cutting edge concepts and applications of ideas in different ways to create new solutions. I believe each idea has intrinsic value, and it is my desire to work with interesting people to develop cool ideas to their full potential. If perception is reality, my goal is to help people realize the reality of their own potential and be their best.

Jenny G is a multifaceted individual, an American businesswoman,
speaker, producer, author, actress and model.

Best known for her entrepreneurial endeavors and consulting various startups, Jenny G has a proven track record in business and prides herself on taking a scientific approach to creating new innovative solutions.
Her wide range of experiences have allowed her to grow and succeed as a businesswoman, consulting businesses with a focus primarily in Marketing, Strategy & Monetization.

Presenting the latest technology in Electric Vehicles for KIA.
Hosting events and activations for Brands such as Audi & Longines watches and
commercials for major corporations such as Rich’s, Macy’s, Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola recycling.

Growing up as an Atlanta socialite, Jenny G was featured
as one of “Atlanta’s 50 Most Beautiful People” in Jezebel magazine.
Jenny G was recently featured in a number of other
newspaper articles and publications as a model and author.

Today Jenny G keeps herself busy by consulting a range of businesses
with a focus primarily in Marketing, Strategy & Monetization.

Creator – Producer, Author and Actress

Inspired by the world around her, Jenny G has written and produced a number of short films such as “The Quest For World Peace”, “The Concert Of The Century”, and is an
Executive Producer on the award winning film “Life Was Wonderful”.

The Quest for World Peace

The Concert of The Century

Life Was Wonderful


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